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line coded emotions

SALERNO - porto commerciale
SALERNO - porta dei leoni - duomo
SALERNO - fontana del tenna - piazza abate conforti

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line coded emotions

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SALERNO - porta dei Leoni - duomo

about me

Line coded emotions

My name is Pietro Robertazzi, Probyn is my nickname, I’m a web / frontend developer, based in Sant’Antioco Sardinia (for matters of <3) from 2013, but my origins are salernitane.

Line coded emotions is a tribute; is a tribute to the beauty and the emotions it generates when you meet, and especially when you share it.

Line coded emotions is a wish to point out that even in an algorithm, a string of code, which at first glance can be cold in its duality, as a yes / no, lies the excitement of sharing.

Nowadays sharing is a synonym for the Internet.

This global network of computers that with the exchange of information has revolutionized the way we interact with the world, has revolutionized the way we shop, study, play, joy, love , live; is the web has revolutionized us.

In 2001 the web was, it certainly was not as poignant today, but for me it was a revelation.

I do web since 2001 and I still get excited when I write codes for my websites.

Technically speaking

I have a long experience within the web interface development for companies.

With more than 10 years of working assets, first in the company and now as a consultant, I have developed a strong capability of analysis, design and implementation of all aspects related to the implementation of a contract: from advice on creating layouts, to the next transformation of the same in content accessible through web pages.

Thanks to the experience in the field I have refined my natural inclination to problem solving and I learned to manage complex working team.

I love the teamwork and are looking for projects that allow me to increase my personal skills.

  • role
    • Web / Frontend developer
  • skill
    • html 5
    • css3/scss
    • javascript/jquery
    • php
    • bootstrap
    • wordpress
    • photoshop
  • hobbies
    • photograpy
    • music
    • gaming
SALERNO - porto commerciale
SALERNO - fontana del tenna - piazza abate conforti


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